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The Fact and the Fiction


If you don’t want spoilers for Cronin’s Key, please don’t read :)

Cronin’s Key has been out for a little while now and I wanted to shed some light on research; the fact and the fiction. As all writers know (or at least they should) research is a huge part of any story. And out of all my books (all 20 of them), I think I have done more research for Cronin’s Key than any other.

Cronin’s Key is a paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, action romance. So, by rights I could have ignored all fact and just gone with fiction. I could have taken creative license and created a world all it’s own and made it all up as I went along, and in many ways I guess I did.

But there is an awful lot fact in this fiction.  And if you’re a history buff you might get the references as you read the book, but for those who aren’t, I wanted to outline some of it for you. :)

Every name in this book (and the sequel – yes there will be a Cronin’s Key II) was chosen for a reason, and has a special meaning to that character.  For example:

Eiji (pronounced Eeee-jee) is an old Japanese name meaning “Two Protectors”. Jodis is an old Nordic name meaning “Ice Priestess/Goddess”. Eleanor means “Shining Light”. Bes is an Egyptian name meaning “Bringer of good news” and Keket is an Egyptian name meaning “Mythical Goddess of darkness”.

But the names aren’t really what I’d call research. The history related elements mentioned by characters in this book, regarding dates/locations are, as close as I could twist them, accurate. I just added a vampire lore to them to suit. For example, the battle of the Picts in Dunadd, Scotland, in the year 744 that saw Cronin’s human life end, was an actual event in that location. As were the viking invasions that followed, hence how Jodis came to Scotland and found a dying Cronin. The semicircular field below, edged by trees, is where Cronin takes Alec. It is the field upon which he died.


Dunadd Hillfort, Scotland. (Gaelic Dùn Ad)

The descriptions of food (rabbits, eel, fish and bread) were the typical diet of this area in the 8th Century, and the descriptions of the clothing and boots were also historically accurate.

Cronin's clothes he wore in 700s would have looked more like this (with some tartan), not the full tartan kilt garb that is usually depicted.

Cronin’s clothes he wore in 700s would have looked more like this (with some tartan), not the full tartan kilt attire that is usually depicted (and that Alec secretly pictured / wanted Cronin to have worn lol)


I originally wanted Cronin to have a dirk and taber on the shelf in his room, but he was about a thousand years too early for that. So the ax and helmet on Cronin’s shelf would look a little like this though, only Cronin’s ax has a handle. These are from the correct era, just not quite the right location.

helmet and ax head


Cronin's Ax looked more like this, though the iron would not have been as refined.

Cronin’s Ax looked more like this, though the iron would not have been as refined.

My personal favourite little spin I did on history was the Yersinian coven. The characters refer to this coven as the Black Plague.  In actual fact, the yersinian pestis bacterial virus, was indeed the black plague that ravaged Europe in the 1300s.  When Cronin mentions all other plagues [“There was another plague in London in 1665, then in Moscow in 1771. Only a few tens of thousands of humans were killed in those…” Cronin cringed, likely at how callous that sounded. “There’s been plague incidents in Italy, Africa, Helsinki, Baghdad. They weren’t as severe as the first time, and the Yersinians, what little remained of them, were finally eradicated after Moscow.”]  Were actual plague outbreaks throughout history.


In the book, Eiji was a royal guard to the Japanese Queen Himoko (170–248 CE).  Queen Himoko was a shaman queen of Yamataikoku in ancient Wa (Japan) at that time. Her supposed burial tomb looks very suspiciously like a key hole, yes?  ;) You can read more about her HERE.

Queen Himoko's supposed tomb.

Queen Himoko’s supposed tomb.

The Egyptian Gods Anubis, Osiris and Ra, you’ve probably heard of. But if you haven’t, yes they are/were real.  According to Egyptian mythology/history, Anubis is credited with mummification and protecting the dead. He would also take the heart of the dead person and weigh it during the mummification process, to see if he or she were worthy of an afterlife. According to mythology/history, it was Anubis who took the heart of Osiris.

Osiris, amongst other things, was known as the Lord of the Dead.  Osiris’ tomb (or what they believed to be his tomb) was essentially unmarked and buried deep under Abydos, Egypt.

Ra was the Sun God, with the solar disk. He is shown here, with the disk atop his head holding the all important ankh. This is what Alec realises the ancient Egyptians were telling him in the hieroglyphs: the disk of blood, holding the key.  You can read more about Egyptian Gods HERE.

Egyptian God Ra, with the sun-disk and Ankh

Egyptian God Ra, with the sun-disk and Ankh

The hieroglyphs in Ra's tomb showing the lion offering the ankh the sundisk. This is how Alec knew where Ra was buried.

The hieroglyphs in Ra’s tomb showing the lion/sphinx offering the ankh to the sundisk. This is how Alec knew where Ra was buried.

The mummies in Cronin’s Key were described as blackened, shrunken skin, sunken eyes and claw-like hands.


And the stench that was mentioned many times, of camphor, myrrh and cassia, were the three main oils/ancient chemicals ancient Egyptians used to embalm their dead with.

The ankh, as Alec discovers is the symbol of the key, looks like this

The ankh, or Key

The ankh, or Key

The mentions of hundreds of pyramids all over the world, including Peru, Mexico, Greece, Sudan, China, Europe, Egypt are all real. And yes, there is evidence of deliberate and accidental mummification throughout all these areas.

Different pyramids from around the world - picture courtesy of Project Avalon

Different pyramids from around the world – picture courtesy of Project Avalon

The layout of internal tunnels of the pyramids was as close to accurate as allowed. The distances, dimensions and construction of burial tombs and corridors in Cronin’s Key were as correct as I could make them.

Inside the Great Pyramid

Inside the Great Pyramid


Diagram of what's under the Sphinx, including the circular pillars that Alec noted were like Stonehenge.

Diagram of what’s under the Sphinx, including the circular pillars that Alec noted were like Stonehenge.

Internal corridor of the Great Pyramid

Internal corridor of the Great Pyramid

The vampires refer to the Coyolxauhqui stone as once being a key to the demise of the Aztec coven. This stone is an important part of Aztec history/mythology with the Templo Mayor and two of the biggest pyramids in Mexico.


The Coyolxauhqui Stone mentioned as a former key

Bes is from the Fatimid coven in Egypt. The other coven in Egypt are the Mamluks.  In real history, the Fatimid and Mamluk peoples are credited with Dynasties in Egypt from 900 – 1200 respectively.

Screen snip courtesy of Wikipedia

Screen snip courtesy of Wikipedia

In one scene, the vampires see a wooden bullet, recognize it as made from hawthorn and they immediately know the bullet was from an Illyrian. How? Because in ancient Illyrian times, hawthorn was used primarily in all wood/timber manufacturing for furniture and weapons. The Illyrians did in fact inhabit and occupy what is now Albania, Croatia, Hungary etc, just as Alec said. You can read more about them HERE.

Cronin said the ancient Illyrian coven was taken down by another “key”, the humble bow and arrow. He told Alec of the lore where nine Ancient Egyptians used bows and arrows to stake the rogue coven with. He referred to this as the “Nine bows” which is actually an ancient Egyptian term to refer to any enemy. You can read more about that HERE.


There’s probably a hundred other references I’ve forgotten, and I’ll be sure to add them into the post I do regarding the research that went into Cronin’s Key II.  And that’s the beauty of fiction: take literal fact, or make shit up. It’s completely up to you. <3

ck art 3

Cronin’s Key by N.R. Walker: Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway!


Never seen before excerpt of Cronin’s Key! <3

Originally posted on The Blogger Girls:

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Cronin’s Key

by N.R. Walker

Alec let Cronin lead the way, thankful he did so at a human pace. It was dark, downhill and the grass was slippery with dew. “You can see where you’re going, right?”

“Very clearly,” Cronin replied, still holding Alec’s hand.

“You can see everything in the dark?” Alec asked as they walked along a grassy path. “All vampires have super-sight, yeah?”

“Night or day is the same, just a different color,” Cronin explained.

The night looked dark and misty to Alec, nothing more. If it weren’t for the cold, Alec wouldn’t have believed he was in a different country. The smell though, the scent of damp heather as Cronin had identified, was very distinct. It was very Cronin.

Alec really couldn’t see where he was, though as their walk became more even-footed and less downhill, Alec thought he was in what looked like…

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Cronin’s Key; by N.R. Walker—Book Blast and Giveaway


Enter my Pride Promotional giveaway!

Originally posted on The Land Of Make Believe:

NRBannerTemplateCronin’s Key; by N.R. Walker—Book Blast and Giveaway



NYPD Detective Alec MacAidan has always been good with weird. After all, his life has been a string of the unexplainable. But when an injured man gives him cryptic clues, then turns to dust in front of him, Alec’s view on weird is changed forever.

Cronin, a vampire Elder, has spent the last thousand years waiting for Alec. He’d been told his fated one would be a man wielding a shield, but he didn’t expect him to be human, and he certainly didn’t expect that shield to be a police badge.

Both men, strong-willed and stubborn, are still learning how to cope with the push and pull of being fated, when fate throws them another curveball.

Rumors have spread quickly of turmoil in Egypt. Covens are fleeing with news of a vampire who has a talent like no other, hell-bent on…

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Guest Post ~ Louise Lyons on One Snowy Night

One Snowy Night cover

Originally released within Wayward Ink Publishing’s anthology Stranded, in October 2014, my short story One Snowy Night is now available as an individual short story.

One snowy night, Keith Brambles learns that appearances can be deceptive.

After yet another disastrous date, Keith drives home much to fast for the snowy conditions. When his car skids and crashes, he thinks he’s going to spend the night freezing in his car, until a man in a white van stops to help him. But Keith fears his rescuer may not appreciate his rather obvious preference.


Another half hour went by, and at last Keith heard the sound of an engine. As he looked out of the window, headlights blinded him, and he blinked and squinted. He unfolded his arms and legs, and groaned as he tried to put his feet down on the floor. His limbs had stiffened and everything hurt. He fumbled for the door handle with numb fingers. As he struggled, suddenly the driver’s door jerked open, and a face appeared.

Keith stared at the hulking figure, stooped over to look into the car. He could make out a moustache and goatee, and bright eyes, but the rest was obscured by a beanie and the collar of a heavy winter coat.

“You alright, mate?” a gruff voice asked.

“Y-y-y-yes,” Keith stammered. He was shivering so badly, he doubted he could utter another word.

“No injuries?”

He shook his head in response.

“Can you get out?”

“I…d-d-d-d…” Keith meant to say I don’t know. He shoved the other door open, and extended one leg, until his foot reached the snowy ground outside. He groaned as he tried to move the other leg. His knee was locked and he couldn’t feel his foot at all.

“Fuck. Wait there.” The driver’s door slammed and seconds later, the man appeared at the other side of the car. Large arms reached out and scooped Keith up. He clutched at the thick neck of his rescuer, as he was plucked from the Audi and carried to a waiting white Transit van. White Van Man. Keith cringed, and hoped the man wouldn’t recognize him. His type probably wasn’t very tolerant. Then again, it wouldn’t really matter whether he knew who Keith was or not. Keith was wearing a purple silk shirt, heeled boots, earrings and eye makeup. He thought his preference must be fairly obvious.

“There you go.” White Van Man managed to pull open the passenger side door of the van and hoist Keith up onto the seat without much effort. He slammed the door closed, went around the other side, and climbed behind the wheel.

The heating in the van was blowing at full blast, and Keith leaned forward and placed his frozen hands over one of the vents. The interior of the vehicle was like a furnace, and he knew he would thaw out quickly, but painfully.

“What happened?” White Van Man asked.

“Um…I…um…I came up to the bend too fast and braked. Stupid.”

“Are you sure you’re not hurt?”

“Bruised, maybe, from the seatbelt. The airbag went off. I’m okay, just frozen.”

“How long have you been there?”

“An hour and a half, or thereabouts. Thanks for stopping.” Keith glanced at the man, as he unzipped his coat and pulled the beanie from his head. He had thick, dark hair and dark eyes. Keith could see something on his skin above the neckline of his T-shirt, which could have been a tattoo. Oh, God, White Van Man is probably a biker or a head banger as well.


Keith looked down, and took the plastic cup from the man’s hand. It held strong black coffee. Keith hadn’t noticed him pick up the flask and pour it.


“You’re Kent Brambles,” his rescuer said; a statement rather than a question.

Shit. “Uh…yes. Keith, actually. Kent’s just my…um…my…”

“Stage name?” The man grinned, but then grimaced a little.

“Yeah. I’m guessing my…uh…my music isn’t your cup of tea,” Keith said nervously.

“I’m into my rock and roll.” He smiled again and extended a large hand. “Mike Talbot.”

Audi TT in the snow

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Cronin’s Key Giveaway Contest!


Friday 13th might be unlucky for some!

CK giveaway art


It’s release time again, so you know what that means?  It’s contest time again!!!

This time, I’m giving away 2 x $25 Amazon Gift Cards and 5 x e-copies of Cronin’s Key!

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Going it Alone 2: Con Riley on self-publishing


Great perspective on why we self-publish :)

Originally posted on Jay Northcote:

I’d like to welcome Con Riley to my blog today for the second part in my series on self-publishing. Con has five novels published with Dreamspinner Press, and has recently released her first indie title, True Brit (which is fabulous by the way).

Why did you decide to self publish?

Timing was my primary motivation to self-publish True Brit. My day job is demanding, and the quality of my work affects people, so it’s important that I’m not distracted by edits or promo during critical periods. I was prepared to take a risk on self-publishing one title if that meant I could have complete control over timescales this year.

Secondly, work kept me so busy last year that I didn’t secure any 2015 publication slots with my publisher in advance. Had I submitted True Brit, it wouldn’t be out until much later this year. As a reader…

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Cronin’s Key ~ Meet the characters and Excerpt



The Cast and Crew

With release day just 9 days away, I’d like to introduce you to the cast and crew of Cronin’s Key.

First, we have Alec.  Alec is a typical 21st century New York City guy, 29 years old, a cop who, in his own words, has always been good with weird.

Then there’s Cronin. A twelve hundred year old vampire, quiet and unassuming, yet respected and a little bit (or a lot) feared. He’s also the only vampire in all of histories to be fated to a human.

Next is Eiji. Older than Cronin, Eiji is a Japanese vampire who calls himself brother to Cronin. Always smiling, always laughing, Eiji has been one of my most favourite characters to write.

And finally there is Jodis. Roughly the same age as Cronin, Viking by heritage and fated to Eiji. She’s a kickass woman who has basically spent the last thousand years keeping the boys in line.

cronin character collage



After a minute or two, Alec turned to face the glass wall. He could see nothing inside, only himself and the city mirrored back at him. Though he knew they were watching. He could feel Cronin’s eyes on him and as much as it annoyed him, as much as it infuriated him that Cronin was watching him, it was oddly reassuring.

Nevertheless, he turned around to allow the sun to wash over him. The warmth of it on his skin, after days of hiding, felt heavenly, and he stayed that way until the sun had almost disappeared.

Alec knew the moment Cronin left, because he was barreled by sudden wave of unease; restlessness and agitation sat heavy in his chest. He spun to face the wall, and the door opened. No one came out, but Eiji spoke. “He’s gone to feed. Your dinner is here also,” he said.

With a sigh, Alec crossed the patio and stepped inside. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Eiji smiled at him. “Please don’t be mad at him. The conflict you feel, how your mind and heart push and pull, is the same for him. He has been alone a very long time, and he only wants you to be happy. You will have to adjust together.”

“I know.” Alec winced. “Has he gone for long?”

Eiji shook his head. “No. Even if you weren’t being hunted by seekers right now, that unease and fear you feel won’t keep him gone long.”

“He feels it too?” Alec asked, pushing the heel of his hand against his heart.


Alec frowned and pulled the takeout container and chopsticks out of the bag, not sure he could eat, despite how hungry he was.

“Alec,” Eiji said softly. “Don’t disregard his concern for you. I don’t think you grasp the severity of what could happen. His concern is not only for you because of what you mean to him, but for what you mean to all vampires, and humans for that matter.”

Alec swallowed hard. He was embarrassed that he’d acted so childishly. “It’s just all been talk so far. I get told I’m the key, I’m important, but it doesn’t mean anything because it’s just fables and stories, you know what I mean?”

Eiji blinked. “Not really, no.”

“And Cronin,” Alec continued. “God help me, that man does my head in.”

Jodis walked into the kitchen and smiled. “Cronin is…” she seemed to search for the right word.

“Stubborn,” Alec prompted. “Sexy as hell, frustrating, he smells so damn good, he’s funny and so serious, and he completely does. My. Head. In.”

Eiji laughed, his eyes crinkling at the corner of his eyes. “That’s funny,” he said. “Cronin said something similar about you.”

“He did?” Alec asked, probably a little too quickly. “I mean, not that I care.”

“Hmhmm,” Eiji hummed. “Of course not.”

Jodis put her hand on Alec’s arm. “Cronin is very smitten with you. He falls deeper every day. It’s confusing for him, but it’s equally wonderful. Be patient with him. He’s worth it.”

Alec’s head lolled back and he let out a deep breath. He didn’t dare admit that he’d passed smitten like it was standing still. Instead, he collected his takeout and chopsticks and walked back to the door. “I might eat out here. The sun is almost gone.”

Alec was distracted, his mind in a dozen different places, he was so hungry but had no appetite, and Cronin’s absence twisted in his gut. He’d barely crossed half the patio and wondered briefly how much sunlight, or lack thereof, was required for vampires to walk around in the day when two vampires suddenly appeared in front of him.

Dark, hulking and menacing, their sneers did little to conceal their fangs and they both took another step toward Alec.

Everything happened so quickly, yet in slow motion at the same time. Eiji and Jodis were in front of him in an instant, defending him, protecting him. Just like it was happening in slow motion, Eiji snatched the chopsticks Alec had on top of his takeout, and spun around at the vampires in front of him. Jodis turned too, her long white hair twirling around her like ribbons, her hand went out and both vampires were still, frozen. Eiji used the chopstick like a stake, spearing one vampire in the chest, then the second vampire turned to dust as well. Alec was picked up and removed, back into the safety of Cronin’s apartment, all before his takeout dinner could hit the patio floor.

ck art 3


I will post buy-links when I have them. Release date is March 13th 2015. <3

COVER REVEAL – Cronin’s Key

Here it is!! Sara York has done it again! I have the most amazing cover for my next release, and I’ve been dying to show it off.


I adore the colours, and the pool of blood at the key. Sara has done a fab job at capturing this story, because yes, it’s a  novel about vampires.

Yes, I said vampires.

Cronin’s Key is an 82,000 word paranormal romance, and it’s a far leap from my usual contemporary romance. I’m nervous about how this book will be received by my readers AND by any paranormal readers who may not have read anything by me. It’s a huge risk coming from the success of my Red Dirt Heart series, which was as real as life gets in Outback Australia, to leaping into a paranormal world of New York City and the sands of Egypt with vampires and mummies. *coughs*  Yep, you read that right too. I said mummies. LOL

I fear my contemporary readers will want to yell at me, “What the freakin’ hell were you thinking??” and the paranormal readers will pat me on the head and tell me to go back to the kiddies table.

Either way, I can’t change what is done. Well, okay, technically I could because the book is still in editing, but I won’t. What’s done is done, and I will always stay true to my characters. (And jsyk, it will be pretty safe to say that if you don’t like the first book, you most certainly won’t like the sequel I’m writing either.) :D

The release date is March 13th – which is a Black Friday (maybe it’s an omen LOL)  I will post the buy links when I get them, because like I said, the book is still in editing. I just reeeeeeeeeeally wanted to show off the fabulous cover.  Stay tuned for more details. <3

The Blurb

NYPD Detective Alec MacAidan has always been good with weird.  After all, his life has been a string of the unexplainable. But when an injured man gives him cryptic clues, then turns to dust in front of him, Alec’s view on weird is changed forever.

Cronin, a vampire Elder, has spent the last thousand years waiting for Alec. He’d been told his fated one would be a man wielding a shield, but he didn’t expect him to be human, and he certainly didn’t expect that shield to be a police badge.

Both men, strong-willed and stubborn, are still learning how to cope with the push and pull of being fated, when fate throws them another curveball.

Rumors have spread quickly of turmoil in Egypt. Covens are fleeing with news of a vampire who has a talent like no other, hell-bent on unleashing the wrath of Death.

Alec and Cronin are thrown into a world of weird Alec cannot imagine. What he learned in school of ancient pharaohs and Egyptian gods was far from the truth. Instead, he finds out firsthand that history isn’t always what it seems.

ck art 3


My Village

Takes a village

I don’t often post about the technicalities behind writing. I am not a master of my craft, I don’t pretend to know one grammatical rule from another, nor do I have profound, life-changing advice to give aspiring authors. But the one truth I have taken from writing, is that there is very little “self” in self-publishing.

It takes a village.

I’m writing this on the tail end of a book release. Red Dirt Heart 4 came out last week, and has been a true success. In the first 48 hours of release, it was #1 on Amazon (gay romance) in SIX different countries. At once. That’s a HUGE feat, and I am in awe of the readers and reviewers who made that happen. <3

So how does someone get a book to #1??

I have no clue. If someone asks me how I got to have so many books ranked #1, I can only shrug. There isn’t one definitive answer. A good story? Characters people can relate to? A HELLUVA lot of luck? All three? I just don’t know.

But I can tell you what I do know. And that’s behind every book I’ve written is a village of people who have helped, toned, fixed, contributed, added, and enriched, to make each book what the reader reads. And I’d like you all to meet them.


Okay, so that’s a little Disney for me…

My village people look a little more like this… :D
1970 Village People


So, let me introduce you to them:

My Beta-readers / Pre-readers

I have some very trusted people I send my manuscripts to before anyone else. I finish the first draft and send it along for some fresh eyes to tell me, 1) if it sucks, 2) plot holes, 3) general suckness.  LOL  I need honest critique, and what they, as readers, see in my work. And they tell me.

My Editor

Yes, I might write the words but believe me, if you saw them before Erika got hold of them, you’d probably throw your Kindle. Yep, not even kidding. Every page is a rainbow of correction colours to fix grammatical rules I just can’t seem to learn.

And this is a gross understatement, but I truly can’t put a value on the work she does to make me look good.

 My Cover Artist

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but damn, we all do. And I have been truly blessed to have Sara’s stamp on my books. I send some links to Sara of royalty-free pictures which I think suit the characters/setting, and she makes magic happen when she puts them all together. I can’t even draw stick figures, so how she does graphic design is beyond me. She is also a fabulous author!  You can find more on Sara at her website HERE

My Support Crew (aka My Saving Grace)

Wow. The most invaluable part of my village, and the biggest. This is where I can rant and rave about my latest WIP, through the “OMG I can’t wait to start this awesome story” stage, right through to the “WTF am I doing?” stage and finally the “YAY! I did it!” stage.  I can talk through plot problems, discuss relative issues and ideas, and gripe about the daily trials and tribulations of being a writer/wife/mother.  We bitch, we whinge, and we laugh. We network, we help, and we encourage. And believe me, these people are the reason I haven’t had a major public meltdown yet.

If “my village” were an actual village, this is the house where there would be wine and chocolate on tap, comfy writing/reading couches, and a punching bag in the back room.

My Proof readers

Think of proof readers as the polishers. They tidy up any tiny little blemishes and make it all shiny and pretty, ready for consumption, and they are fab!


I am no marketing/advertising guru, believe me. I hate it, to be honest. I hate talking about myself, so taking a public stage to self-promote is difficult for me. Add in the fact that I’m super busy and incredibly lazy, and that’s where Will comes in.  Pride Promotions runs blog tours, cover reveals, book blasts etc and have been a Godsend for me. I tell him what I want, and he makes it happen. :)


And all of this happens before the first ARC has been sent, before the first reader sees a cover on their ereader, before the first review goes live. Because that’s a whole other village of people who make my books what they are :)

So, as you can see, there are literally up to 15 people that make my books what you see. When you read one of my books, it might have just one name on the cover but believe me, there is a village behind it.


Red Dirt Heart Series Epilogue Spoiler…


If you don’t want spoilers, then don’t read this post, k?

But I really need to talk about something…

As you may know, the very talented Sara York graciously does my cover art work :)  And when I had written the epilogue for my Red Dirt Heart series, I knew it needed its own special cover.

I searched the interwebs for the right pictures, sent them to Sara and WHAM! She created a masterpiece. It is my favourite cover from her to date, and with all the beautifulness she’s given me, that’s a pretty big call.

I cried when I saw it. Literal tears. It was so perfect.

But it was also a HUGE spoiler. And that meant I couldn’t show it off to the world until after the book had been released. :(   But now I can…  RDH4 has been out for 5 days, (and has been a huge success! Thank you everyone who bought, read and reviewed!)  But I really need to do a special post for the Epilogue cover. I NEED to show people! I have literally sat on this for months prior to release, when all I wanted to do was to show EVERYONE :)

So here it is…



The sunrise is perfect, because that’s what this epilogue is. It’s a new beginning for Sutton Station. And of course, the little pink boots…  (And no, before anyone asks, there will be no continuation of Milly’s story, sorry.)

I say it all the time that I’ve been truly blessed with cover art, especially from Sara, and this one is the icing on the cake.

I just needed to brag about this amazing cover, that truly summed up the epilogue with pictures, better than I could with words.  <3 <3

Thanks again to all who read and reviewed my Red Dirt Heart series, and took a year long journey to the Outback with me.

Much, much love… <3


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