Book Cover for Taxes and TARDIS

Here is the A-MAZING cover to my short story.  It’s so incredibly beautiful, and very fitting for these two boys.

To be released by Silver Publishing on April 28th. 


5 thoughts on “Book Cover for Taxes and TARDIS

  1. Nic, Lisa shared your good news with me.I can't say I'm surprised, though. Thrilled for you yes, surprised no.You can write sweet girl, you can write it all!The cover is stunning, Lisa's work kind of stunning.Can't wait to read, buy and cherish all of your words.Congratulations, and wishing you all the success you deserve.Fran*warm hug*

  2. Thanks girls… you're both so gorgeous!! It's really a great time for me, and it's made even more special because I get to share it with girls like you. <3HugsNic

  3. I know I've said it repeatedly, but seriously Nic, this is stunning. I knew you'd get picked up, but this cover is just so gorgeous that it makes the news twice as awesome!XOXOXOXOXO!!!!!Bella

  4. I'm SOOOOOO happy for you!! Do you know if it'll be available for kindle download in the UK? I don't want to miss your beautiful words!!

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