Elements General Release Day!


Elements of Retrofit, the first of the Thomas Elkin Series, hits the shelves at Amazon and ARe today!!  I’ll post the links when they go live 🙂

All Romance eBooks buy link:  HERE

Amazon buy link: HERE

To kick off the release of one of my favourite couples, I’m doing a blog tour!!  With the amazing help of Literary Nook, my tour dates and locations are:


October 7 – Battery Operated Book Blog 

October 8 – Lis les Livres 

October 9 – Tana Rae Reads 

October 10 – The Phantom Paragrapher 

October 11 – Literary Nook 


The link to the fabulous Literary Nook Book Promotions is   http://bookpromotions.literarynook.com/theelementsofretrofit/



7 thoughts on “Elements General Release Day!

  1. Of course I have bought it straight away but now I need to go to work so I can’t read it until I get home!

  2. As soon as I realized that it was October 4, I rushed to Amazon to buy this because I’ve been making grabby hands, wanting this desperately, ever since I saw the cover–which is so, so, so gorgeous–but it wasn’t live yet, so I went to Total-E-Bound, bought it, and devoured it.

    Loved every second of it, and I’m dying for the second one to come out. I just completely fell in love with Thomas and Cooper.

    Oh–and the way Ryan found about them? Yeah, I died laughing. That was just too hilarious! Scarring for Ryan, but absolutely hilarious for me!

  3. Just wrote my comments on Amazon review…
    all I can say to follow that review is WHEN is the next book out??!

    I finished the book at 3am this morning and I still cant stop thinking about those adorbable, sexy blokes! Just inlove with Tom, whilst Cooper is just simply lovelable rogue! Ryan’s reaction was cringe worthy in a warm and funny way – love the way he handles his dad..*giggle*
    This book left a warm and fuzzy feeling in me today and as I have to wait for the next installment, I might have to read it, again!
    Love most of your books..You’re an extremely talented and skillful and oh so imaginative author! You sure do like your naughty boys. ;-))
    ps please do not hold back on the sex details next time…you dont normally have a problem with this in your other books..?

    1. Wow!! Thank you sooo much!! I’ve been away, so please excuse the delayed response.

      Thank you for reading, and thanks for taking the time to review!

  4. Elements of Retrofit rocks!! The most enjoyable story I have read in such a long time. I was either laughing or smiling for most of the book – there will never be enough Thomas and Cooper, I can’t wait for the next installment!!! Thank you so much, again, for another great book.

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