Breaking Point Release Day!!


Breaking Point is now live!

Breaking Point, the sequel to Point of No Return, is NOW AVAILABLE!!

You can download it from Totally Bound NOW!  Up to four weeks before it will be available at Amazon!

Click HERE!!!! to buy!!  




3 thoughts on “Breaking Point Release Day!!

  1. Swear to god the best books are always released on a Friday afternoon just as I’m leaving for work!

  2. Downloaded at 7.30am this morning….Yes OK, I’ve been stalking their pages I admit it damn you!! I love Matt & Kira, but I know this one’s going to be hard cos of what’s going to happen to Matt…and by extension to Kira, gulp!! Love the red jock strap by the way and my imagination has run wild several times already…yummy!! Hugs. X

  3. i am so glad this is finally out. *sigh*
    can´t wait to read it …. and ur next books.


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