Red Dirt Heart 2 Giveaway

I’m giving away 4 digital copies of Red Dirt Heart 2, and 2 digital copies of any book from my backlist!


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There are 6 chances to win a book!!   You need to click on the Rafflecopter picutre/link (my wordpress won’t allow javascript so the actual giveaway button won’t show here) but you can also find it on my Facebook Author Page. (scroll over)

 Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed Red Dirt Heart 2, and enjoyed a little more of Charlie and Travis.  The reviews on Goodreads and Amazon have been fabulous, and I thank you!! ❤

Please check out the Rafflecopter options for entering to make sure your comment on my blog will gain you an entry 🙂

And good luck!!

Here’s a little picspiration…

Charlie Sutton
Charlie Sutton


Travis Craig
Travis Craig



Matilda and Nugget


24 thoughts on “Red Dirt Heart 2 Giveaway

  1. I think it’s the french accent that makes me swoon I don’t know why it’s just a sexy accent!!


  2. Hi NR, congrats on your latest release!! I love a hot guy with an Australian accent 🙂

  3. True, french accent sounds so sexy… but I love italian even more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I find most accents fascinating, but I am enchanted by the lyrical & passionate accents of the Italians.

  5. Can’t wait to read Red Dirt Heart 2, I love any kind of accent really. I’ll be super cliche and say British accent.

  6. British, Irish, Scottish or Australian accents do it for me. Thanks for the post and giveaway!!

  7. Congrats for RDH2!! My fave accent? Mmhh…British and Texan;) Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!

  8. I love the way French and English people sound. I mean, melty feelings here. *drools*

  9. I’m super excited to read Red Dirt Heart 2!!! I love a good southern accent or maybe Australian! Really anything that isn’t something I hear every day is swoon worthy!

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