Red Dirt Heart 3 Giveaway!



To celebrate the release of Red Dirt Heart 3, I am running an awesome contest!

There are THREE major prizes to win, and THREE secondary prizes to win!  Each major prize consists of the following:

One x paperback Red Dirt Heart

One x paperback Red Dirt Heart 2

One x ecopy of Red Dirt Heart 3

One x plush toy wombat (to help raise money for disadvantaged children and abandoned animals)

One x Cotton On wrist band (to help raise money for the Australian Youth Foundation)

The contest starts on October 16th and runs until the October 27th


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To enter this amazing contest, please use this link

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 Good luck!!  And thank you for enjoying the heat of the Australian Outback 😉 




25 thoughts on “Red Dirt Heart 3 Giveaway!

  1. I’d call the Wombat William it sounds like a good name.


  2. all I can think of is Sebastian, because of the kids book Sebastian Lives in a Hat, though it wouldn’t work in my house hold, so my wombat’s name would probably be something generic like Fred or Pancakes, something along those lines 🙂

  3. wombat name will be Firework!! Thank you for this awesome giveaway

  4. If I was lucky enough to have a wombat, I would call him Aussie Wombat!!!! Sounds like a gay porn name…lol

  5. A pet wombat? Knowing that my kids would totally name him it would be something weird like Thor LOL

  6. The kids and I would call a wombat Winky 🙂 But my husband suggested Wanker….. Oh dear…. I hope we don’t find one when bushwalking in the Grampians – I am not explaining that name to the kids!!!!

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