Back Into the Outback with N. R. Walker and her Red Dirt Heart Series! (tour and contest)

Fabulous review of RDH3 and interview ❤

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N. R. Walker’s Red Dirt Heart series has turned out to be one of my latest obsessions.  I love every part of this series from the location to the characters and even the animals you meet along the way.  Now N.R. Walker has released the third installment, Red Dirt Heart 3.  Here is your first look at this must read series and book.  And don’t forget to enter the contest too.  Who doesn’t want a stuffed wombat of their own or a copy of this story?


Nugget toy

I was thrilled to have a chance to “talk” to N.R. Walker, ask  a bunch of questions about the series, LGBTQ rights in Australia, and all things Aussie in general. It was a great interview. Here’s your chance to get to know this fabulous author a little bit better:

My N. R. Walker Interview

Q  I love this series and characters.  Where…

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3 thoughts on “Back Into the Outback with N. R. Walker and her Red Dirt Heart Series! (tour and contest)

  1. I just finished reading Book 3 and I was enjoying so much I read it in one day and can not wait to get Book 4. My concern was that it would not pick up close to Book 2 you be a bit lost but I found that there was lost in time in between the two books and I was able to continue reading as if it was a bit of time between the 2 books. I hope when Book 4 is ready we can per-order it and get it as fast as possible.
    Super Reading

    1. Wow, thank you Dennis! ❤ I'm really glad you enjoyed the latest from these boys. They have a special place in my heart, that's for sure. 🙂

      I'm still not sure on the release date of RDH4, but will definitely keep everyone posted as soon as I know.

      Many thanks ❤

  2. I’m not quite sure where to comment our rafflecopter answer…so I’ll just do it here. 🙂

    I suck at naming pets..I usually leave it up to hubby or the kiddos BUT I think I’d name my guy Ziggy.

    Oh and I’ve LOVED this series so far. 🙂

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