RDH4 Contest Giveaway!

I’m doing another giveaway!  This time there are 2 x $20 Amazon gift cards to be won, AND 5 x ecopies of RDH4!

RDH 4 contest art

The contest will run from the 2nd (tomorrow) until the 10th of January, Sydney time.

But as per usual, Rafflecopter won’t work on wordpress (I’ve tried EVERY step they recommend to no avail) so you’ll have to click the Rafflecopter icon 

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One option to enter is to leave a blog comment. Please leave the comment on this post but use the rafflecopter to direct you here! I’ll pin this post to the top of my blog for the duration of the contest 🙂

NOTE:  Please use the Rafflecopter link above to direct you to the blog post to answer – it makes your entry valid.  I know this is backtracking and a huge PITA, but it’s how rafflecopter works. 

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80 thoughts on “RDH4 Contest Giveaway!

  1. The highlight for me in RDH was definitely the characters and especially Travis. He is such a compassionate and loving person! The book made me feel so much and the understanding and chemistry between the two MC just made my heart sing!

  2. I already posted, but the Rafflecopter link is finally working so this is my take two. My favorite part of reading the RDH series so far has been how engrossed I become in the setting and lives of not just these two guys, but all of the hands at Sutton Station.

  3. How can I not love Charlie and his adored Travis? They make me sigh and that’s terrific!! Count me in pleaseeee! Have a great 2015 ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. I can not wait for RDH4. What I loved in previous books of this series. … Being an Australian and knowing that red dirt, I could really feel some of the scenes when they were out in the open. Ms Walker did a brilliant job of showing the beauty and the brutality of life out there. I loved the characters and was so comforted by Travis and Charlie’s relationship. An absolute feel good story.

  5. I love the chemistry between Travis and Charlie. I love their little arguments, especially over American vs. Australian vocabulary. Their interactions felt very real and not overly angsty.

  6. I have loved this series and am very happy to see that we get to spend more time with the crew in the outback.

  7. Can’t say what I’ve like most of these books since I haven’t started reading them but they are definitely in my TBP list. Congratulations on your newest book and much success to you!
    taina1959 @ yahoo.com

  8. Very much looking forward to the final installment in this series. This is one of the most touching love stories I have ever read, and the characters have stayed with me. It will be sad to see it end.

  9. what I like best, everything, the place, the men, the love and I can’t wait for the conclusion


  10. I am looking forward to reading Travis POV. Just love all your books! Thanks for writing such lovely adventures. ..

  11. My favorite thing – well, it’s kind of odd, I suppose. I absolutely loved Sixty Five Hours, and when the chapters had a similar type of heading, it gave me a warm fuzzy. But mostly, I just fell in love with Charlie and Travis from their first meeting. Also, I’m from Texas, just north of Austin, so I kind of identify with Travis in some ways. Everything about the way these guys interact had me hooked from the beginning. They’re just perfect together.

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