Going it Alone 2: Con Riley on self-publishing

Great perspective on why we self-publish 🙂

Jay Northcote

I’d like to welcome Con Riley to my blog today for the second part in my series on self-publishing. Con has five novels published with Dreamspinner Press, and has recently released her first indie title, True Brit (which is fabulous by the way).

Why did you decide to self publish?

Timing was my primary motivation to self-publish True Brit. My day job is demanding, and the quality of my work affects people, so it’s important that I’m not distracted by edits or promo during critical periods. I was prepared to take a risk on self-publishing one title if that meant I could have complete control over timescales this year.

Secondly, work kept me so busy last year that I didn’t secure any 2015 publication slots with my publisher in advance. Had I submitted True Brit, it wouldn’t be out until much later this year. As a reader…

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