Going it Alone part 4: NR Walker on self-publishing

Here’s my take on self-publishing, as posted on Jay Northcote’s blog 🙂

Jay Northcote

Title: Going it Alone

I’d like to welcome N.R. Walker to my blog today for another instalment of my series on authors who self-publish.

N.R. Walker has published 22 books to date, including her free-reads and short stories. Eight are with a traditional online publisher, and 14 are self-published.

Why did you decide to self publish?

In 2012, I was with a publisher who didn’t hold up their end of the contractual agreements we had. So when I received the rights to my five books, I sought out a new (and honest and credible) home for them. But, knowing it was going to be up to a year before those books were back on the market for sale, I kept two of them (Blind Faith and Through These Eyes*) and jumped right in to getting them back online myself.

*To clarify, Blind Faith had been released, Through These Eyes had…

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