Good Morning Monday! What’s new this week?

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Well, the release of Spencer Cohen Book Three came and went, and I’d love to thank everyone who has read and reviewed!  The responses and reviews have been lovely, and it makes my heart happy to know people love Spencer and Andrew as much as me. And a huge thanks to everyone who posted, shared, tweeted, liked, loved, commented on all forms of social media.

These boys got to #1 in SEVEN countries (US, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada and Australia) !!  And that is an incredible achievement, and proof that I do have the best readers in the world!  I wouldn’t be able to do what I love, if it weren’t for you! And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate you!  ❤

Like I’ve done with the first two books, I’ve created a soundtrack on Spotify for Spencer Cohen Book Three. You can find it HERE.

So, in other news for this week, I’m due to have the rights of Starting Point returned to me tomorrow!!  At the moment, it is only Starting Point that returns to me, and my other titles with Totally Bound/Pride Publishing will stay with them for the duration of their contracts (approximately two years).

I’m also SUPER excited to announce I’ve engaged Reese Dante to redo the covers. Reese did the very original cover for Point of No Return (back in the old Silver Publishing days) which was my all-time favourite for that book, and given this series has had three covers already, I wanted to get back to the original theme. And what better way to accomplish that than to ask the cover artist who did the original art work.  I can not wait to share the new cover to Starting Point with you all!!  I’m sure you guys are gonna LOVE it!! ❤

I finally managed to wrangle the first draft of Blood & Milk, and now I just need to fix it. Like really fix it. LOL  It’s a hellamess, but I’m so excited and relieved to finally give these boys the ending they deserve. It finished at 85,000 words. Not sure where that will end up – I’d imagine I’ll need to add and delete quite a bit. I’m still on schedule for a June 23rd release.

I hope everyone has had a fabulous week!  Can you believe we’re already at the end of April??  This year is just flying!  Stay tuned for the cover reveals of Starting Point and Blood & Milk, AND some rather exciting audio news!!!  🙂

Until next week…  ❤


7 thoughts on “Good Morning Monday! What’s new this week?

  1. I have the original ‘Point of No Return,’ on my kindle. I think it was the first of your books I read back in 2012. I have all of them now. Your writing is even better now than it was then. Can’t wait for ‘Blood and Milk.’ 😁

    1. Yes! My writing has improved 100x since then LOL Well, I hope it has… 😀 I have sent Blood & Milk to my pre-readers, so the wheels are in motion!

  2. Exciting audio news? Soooo excited, tell me now, tell me now….whichever of your books will be on my auto buy, cannot wait! Squeeeeeeeeeee. Sorry, a little over excited.

  3. The Spencer Cohen series was amazing, thank you for that! Can’t wait for Blood and Milk!!

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