Blindside – Book 3

Young man in the city

Blindside – Blind Faith 3:  Mark’s Story


Mark Gattison has avoided love and commitment his entire adult life. Not interested in more than a one night stand or a brief encounter in a bathroom stall, he is the epitome of a good time.

Will Parkinson is the guy who defends him, the guy who puts up with him, the guy Mark calls his best friend.

When Will becomes unsettled and a little distant, Mark takes it upon himself to find Will a boyfriend. Not familiar with the concept himself, Mark thinks Will needs someone to make him happy.

What Mark doesn’t know, is that he’s about to get blindsided. He’s about to get knocked off his feet by the one thing that’s been right in front of him the entire time.


And Mark?  Mark is on the cover.  The cover is PERFECT for Mark. The the grin, the hair, everything.  The very talented Sara York made the cover come to life. 

Mark Gattison

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The Blind Faith Series is only available at Amazon and is part of the Kindle Unlimited program.


4 thoughts on “Blindside – Book 3

    1. You could read Blindside as a standalone, but there might be a few things that make more sense if the others are read first. 🙂

      Thanks for contacting me!

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