His Grandfather’s Watch

A 19K word story. Once fanfiction, re-written to be a a free read. Enjoy.







It was just an ordinary day for Alex Harper at Harper’s Antiquities, until Callum Winters walked in with a watch.  

“It was my Grandfather’s. I was hoping you could tell me something about it.”

A love story of two couples, generations apart.


5 thoughts on “His Grandfather’s Watch

  1. What beautiful stories! N.R., you made me cry at the end of Hale and Billy’s story…such an amazing way to finish Alex and Callum’s story! Again, I am so glad you are writing full time!!

  2. OH EM GEE… this story…. It’s a short one, but it’s so beautiful…it’s a “make-sure-to-grab-tissue’s-and-be-by-yourself-cuz-you’re-gonna-ugly-cry-your-face-off-kinda-story…I loved the beginning and how Callum came to Alex for help with an old pocket watch he’d found with his fathers things after his parents had passed away.. He’d never have guessed the story behind the watch or the photo they’d find inside. It belonged to his grandfather and the man his grandfather was in love with but they didn’t know who he was, the story was absolutely heartbreaking. It made me so sad for how life was back then and how ashamed people were of love. It’s still that way today but not near as bad. I’ll never understand why…. how can someone hate love so much?
    Might sound bad but I was glad that Maria and Billy’s dad felt guilt. I’m glad he felt that every day of his miserable life after what happened to Billy…. He deserved that pain. What kind of person would do that to his child? Ugh… And Hale, what a sweet, loyal just amazing person. I’m glad he found love again with Maria, she was such a sweet person as well and i’m glad he got to love again and have a family and that with her, he still had a piece with Billy… reading their story though… it gutted me. I couldn’t breathe for several pages it was that amazing and sad and beautiful and ugly all at the same time.
    But the end…. the end made everything so right. I’m so glad it ended that way and I hope that every ending like Billy and Hale’s ends that way… with them together and happy whoever you are or whatever seperates you in life. I hope you eventually find yourself back with the one you love.
    Excellent story and I’d give it so many more stars if I could…. I’m gonna pimp the heck out of this book though and hope everyone reads it… ❤ One of my favorites ever I think!

    1. Awww, thank you!! I loved their story, even though it almost killed me to put Billy on that bus 😦
      Thanks so much for reading, and thanks for taking the time to comment ❤ ❤

  3. Hi just finished reading and loved the story! I was wondering if it is based on a true story? You mentioned it was fanfiction rewritten, so I was wondering what book you wrote this from? Just love the concept, both love stories, but it hurts my heart that Hale and Billy couldn’t be together. It’s sad that people can’t be with who they love because it’s not “conventional” to what society deems as “acceptable.” Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories!

    1. Hi Allison,
      Thanks for commenting! Yes, I wrote HGW as fanfiction for Twilight, but as you can tell, HGW has no resemblance to Twilight at all. I wrote it as AU (alternative universe). HGW, in particular Billy and Hale’s story, wasn’t based on a true story. It was purely fiction, though it was incredibly difficult to write. It broke my heart 😦
      Thank you again for taking the time to read my books and for saying hi.

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