Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

The Weight Of It All

I’m aiming for September 14th for this one. Fingers crossed I can make it happen!

M/M Daily Grind “It Was Always You” Anthology

My story in the Anthology is titled Perfect Catch


Release date is October! Stay tuned for details!


29 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Sorry if I’m asking this question in the wrong place, but where can I preorder or purchase an early download of Taxes and TARDIS? Will it be available on

    Thanks! And I love your writing!

  2. Loved Red Dirt Heart. Saw references for Red Dirt Heart 2. Any idea on a release date?

    1. No, I don’t really know yet when the sequel will be done. I’m working on it now but RL is killing me atm. 😦

      I’d like to have it to have out by June, but make no promises…


      1. Well, I’m getting closer – and it’s always difficult with self-published books – but I’m hoping for late July. I’ll keep everyone posted 🙂

        Thanks for asking!

  3. Do you plan on doing a sequel to three’s company? Loved that book and just wondered if we would get to learn more about them!!

  4. i love the red dirt heart series, wanted to ask when number 4 will be available, i hope soon. Sheri Draughn

  5. Never thought I could be obsessed with a book until I read Cronin’s Key. Are you planning the sequel to come out this year or the next?

  6. I’m so ubber excited for Cronin’s Key 2!! Are you going to give us any teasers before you release the book?

  7. I LOVED Cronin’s Key! I can’t wait for the sequel! ❤ Ugh, I'm not even going to be done with exams yet and it's driving me crazy knowing that May 22nd is so far away! Will you be releasing more sequels for Cronin's Key? Or is the second book the final one? Because tell your publisher I want MORE, MORE, MORE! And so do my friends! (Part of a book club and M/M Romance is always great. This is DEFINITELY one of the more exciting picks we've had all year. Love it!)

    1. Hi Mick,
      Thanks so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! At the moment, there’s only 2 books in the Cronin’s Key series as I’m kinda buried under other obligations right now. I never like to say never, so there *might* be one more but even if there was, it wouldn’t be until much later in the year. As it is written, the second book ending is a definite HEA 🙂

      Thanks for reading, and please say hi to your book club for me ❤

  8. I love your Thomas Elkin series so much! But Cronin’s Key! There’s something really fun and enjoyable about it. I adored the build up to the fun parts. 😉 The characters were all great, from Cronin and Alec to Eiji and Jodis. Even Johan, the poor guy. I love that these vampires had special skills unique to them. I’m so excited to find out I only have a month to wait before the second book comes out. I was dreading to find out the release date when I saw that the first book had been published just in March! Most wait times between books are at least a few months, I find.

    Thank you for such a wonderful two-part (hopefully three-part ;D) series!

  9. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have read all of your books except for the Blind Faith series. I know I know I have to read those too but I am trying to savor it a while. Needless to say but you are one of my favorite authors and I have found out the those are very hard to find. Keep up the good work and doing what you love. Oh, and please let May 22nd get here faster so I can read Cronin’s Key II.

    Your readers support
    K. Lindsey

  10. Hi! Is Cronin’s Key III going to be the last book in the series or do you think you’ll write a Cronin’s Key IV? (:

      1. Thanks so much for answering so quickly! I seriously love your writing and have read almost everything you’ve written – I’m going to read the CK series after the third one is released so I can read the books one after the other and I’m saving the RDH series for later because I don’t want to have nothing else of yours to read! haha. I can’t believe Learning to Feel and Sixty-Five Hours are free, they’re SO good! Thank you for that (: And seriously, you write THE best HEAs of any author I’ve ever read – they’re not just amazing and aww-worthy, they’re also very unique and fitting to each couple. Okay, done fangirling now. Thanks again for all your awesome stories (:

        -An autobuy fan for life ❤

  11. Love the Blind Faith series, I’m so hooked. Thank you for sharing them with us. Next on my list is Three’s Company! Keep up the great job!!!

  12. Hi, i love cronins key, its my all time fav, just wantingbto know if therebwillbe a number 4 or any more?

  13. Hello, really, really love your books.
    Will you only be releasing books with Amazon now?
    I ask because I like my books in epub.

    Thank you

    1. Hi!

      No, at this point in time I can say I won’t be exclusive to Amazon for everything from now on. My Spencer series will start on Amazon for the inclusive 90 days, then it will go to other sites. But I’m still very undecided about Kindle Unlimited for future titles.

      Thanks for reading!!

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